Presidents Report   -    May 2018  
Hello Members,
As the cooler months start to settle in, members will enjoy some of the benefits of the clubs great facilities.
Our courses are in good condition and the future white course will prove to be challenging and another option for all styles – 3D, IFAA and ABA. There will be another National IFAA Indoor Championships being held at multi venues in August this year. We will keep you posted and sending out our club participation Flier soon.
We have spoken to Council regarding any plans to put bitumen on Pavitt Lane but at this stage there is no funding allocated. However this could change in the future and we will keep speaking to Council in relation to better road access to our club.
We had another dumping of rubbish at our club gate, please keep an eye out if you see anything suspicious and take down any number plate details for the police or council to follow up on. Council has not confirmed if they are going to put surveillance cameras at the gate area or game cameras but it has been tabled for discussion. I will keep you posted on an outcome.
We recently trialed holding the general meeting between our ABA Club Shoot 3-arrow and 1-arrow round and will continue to implement this to make it possible for us to vote on club expenses. We voted on spending between $3000 to $5500 on 3D Targets and Centre replacements which we require if we are to hold future 3D events. Some of our current 3D targets are not going to last many more club shoots. We are looking at auctioning off some of the used targets at our 2-day ABA shoot along with repairing what we can to still be able to use at club 3D events.
After the recent working bee, Don Messenger has put together a list of what we require to compliment our targets and so we can adequately rotate our targets to maximize the life from our current 3D target.
We would need to order minimum 2 of the Group 4 size targets ( to have 5 of this size target ) along with 2-3 smaller sizes and 2- replacement centre’s. We will chase various Archery shops for best options.
After the break down of our ride-on mower we are going to trial having the main grass area mowed by a contractor while we keep looking for the best future option in maintaining the grassed area. Whether we buy another ride-on mower or tractor-slasher option, or just contract out the grass cutting. We will follow up on the best option for the club and keep members informed.
At the next Branch meeting in May, we will be putting in a proposal to hold the State ABA Titles in 2019 at our club. David McDonald will put in our club’s formal request to hold this event.
For many of the members, your ABA Renewal will be coming in the month of May. Please check if you are current in your ABA membership.
There is only one position we require to be filled on our Committee that of Club Secretary, please let the committee know if you have an interest in taking this role on, the club will thank you.
Could we please ask members to bring correct money when paying for the shoot registrations at our club events.
We also request that when you fill in your scorecard details please let us know your shooting style division grade and if you are shooting the green peg or red peg. This will help us quickly organize the results at the end of each days shoots for a quick presentation. Thank you.
Upcoming events for May;  No Club ABA this month,
5th – 6th State Titles ABA at West Gippsland
12th Branch Meeting
13th Mothers Day
19th-20th Colac 2-day ABA
27th Club IFAA
Club intro Course 5th , 12th and 19th May
Please note on club shoot days we muster at 9:45am latest and start shooting 10:00am on the courses.
Try and be there before this muster time for registration…….
Please also note on extreme weather days, the club is closed as part of our lease agreement for safety.
Current Committee Positions filled are as per below and we are all approachable;
President – Robert Sticht 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vice President – David Mc Donald This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Treasurer – Richard Diston This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretary – Vacant
Membership Secretary – Ewan Zander
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Property & Grounds – Chris Henry
Catering Manager- Jenni Zander
Risk Management Officer- Wayne Rathbone
Club Coach- Paul Williams
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Game Recorder & BEHO – Paul Virgo
Newsletter / Public Relations Officer – Talia & Paul Langton
Score Recorder- Darrin Dwyer
IFAA Course Officer- Kaye Sticht
ABA Course Officer – Jon Hawkins
3D Course Officer- Don Messenger
Indoor Shoot Officer- Paul Langton
Thank you enjoy your time at the club and lock the gate as you find it on non-club shoot days and please take your rubbish home….
Kind regards
Robert Sticht
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
: 0457 025 524
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Club Caps , Beanies   -    $20ea
Club Bucket Hats     -   $20ea
Club Premier Polo Shirts- $45ea (+$7.50 Club Logo)
Club Full Zip Polar Jacket   -     $45ea
Club ¼ Zip Polar Sweet     -       $45ea
Club Water Resistant Jacket  -    $65ea
Club Bottle Openers   -  $5ea
Club Stubbie Coolers   -  $10ea
Cloth Badges -  $10ea
Club Hat Pins   -    $7.50ea
Individual Names on Garments   -  $7.50extra
Rear Club Print on Garments    - $7.50extra
Prices subject to change by supplier
For more information please contact Membership secretary- Ewan Zander 


2 Day Shoot Report

To give all the members a better understanding of what happens at other clubs, this year I am going to try and get to all the 2 Day ABA events and then give you a short report. I hope that soon you will feel it is time to join me at these events. It is important to note that to get an official grade you must attend 3 ABA Branch run events.

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