2 Day Shoot Report

To give all the members a better understanding of what happens at other clubs, this year I am going to try and get to all the 2 Day ABA events and then give you a short report. I hope that soon you will feel it is time to join me at these events. It is important to note that to get an official grade you must attend 3 ABA Branch run events.

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The LB100 proved to be a success for the people that attended. The weather threatened on the Saturday but was very pleasant on the Sunday, sunny and no rain. After a brief run down of the Lilydale Rules, groups headed off onto the range early Saturday morning. Each groups scorecards had details of each target’s distance , nominated peg colours for each style, division and age group and all was under way. The siren signalled the start of the first 2-arrow x 25 target rounds. It was going to be a long day of shooting. The 3D targets had been nestled in amongst Lilydale Bowmen’s Yellow and Blue courses. Both were used to complete the 25 targets and space groups to avoid bank-ups on targets. With backdrops on all targets, archers welcomed the arrow friendly courses while still being challenging for the sighted competitors.

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