LB100 2016 Report


The LB100 proved to be a success for the people that attended. The weather threatened on the Saturday but was very pleasant on the Sunday, sunny and no rain. After a brief run down of the Lilydale Rules, groups headed off onto the range early Saturday morning. Each groups scorecards had details of each target’s distance , nominated peg colours for each style, division and age group and all was under way. The siren signalled the start of the first 2-arrow x 25 target rounds. It was going to be a long day of shooting. The 3D targets had been nestled in amongst Lilydale Bowmen’s Yellow and Blue courses. Both were used to complete the 25 targets and space groups to avoid bank-ups on targets. With backdrops on all targets, archers welcomed the arrow friendly courses while still being challenging for the sighted competitors.


The Canteen provided hot food throughout the day to keep all competitors well fed and energy to last the day’s events. A big thank you to the Canteen staff and all the helpers. They kept the food and drinks flowing.


Our raffle table showed some good and interesting prizes and a lot of interest when it came time to draw the raffle. Anticipation of who wanted what was vocalized as people tried to sway prize winners away from what they had their eyes on.


Even our novelty Knife and Axe showed a lot of interest from both sexes and proved to be a fun event. Who would have thought there is competition between men and women in novelty event. The Saturday night was capped off with a “too many course dinner” that had many vegetables and meat options to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. Seconds and even thirds were taken by some that continued to rave about the food the following day. The Venison Rolls with gravy didn’t last long during Sunday lunch break, needless to say. There was even Desert if you had any room left in your stomach after the main meal. Pavlova, Apple Pie with custard or cream, Chocolate Mousse, I am starting to salivate just recapping on the deserts. After a meal like this it was only fitting to have a relaxing sit near the fire and a light Beveridge. Story’s of what could have been but wasn’t to be echoed through the clubhouse. The long day of shooting had taken its toll and people started to wander off to end the evening. Those that camped the weekend had welcomed the warm showers that night.


Sunday morning was a dramatic change, no sign of rain just sunshine but still a chill in the air. Groups were gathered after a quick check on the previous days shoot scores and the competition continued.


 Scorecards were handed in once groups came off the courses and collated for presentations. Many Lilydale members placed in divisions and those that competed on the weekend thoroughly enjoyed it.


Visitors from up north even wrote a “Thank You Letter” to the club and wish us to keep them informed on future club events, as they will definitely come again
Apart from the little hiccups had early on the Saturday, mostly by our own club members taking the wrong route to their target ( will not mention any names ) all ran very smoothly.
A big thank you to all that helped make this a memorable tournament weekend.
A special thank you to Tony for setting up safe and challenging courses, there were quite a few weeks of personal time spent making this happen.
Thank you to all that attended and enjoyed the weekend, hope to see you all again at our next event.




Lilydale Bowmen Inc.