Ballarat ABA 2 Day Report

2 Day Shoot Report

To give all the members a better understanding of what happens at other clubs, this year I am going to try and get to all the 2 Day ABA events and then give you a short report. I hope that soon you will feel it is time to join me at these events. It is important to note that to get an official grade you must attend 3 ABA Branch run events.

Ballarat 18 & 19 February

The Ballarat club has been around for 30+ years at a number of different grounds, and the current grounds are only 10 minutes from the centre of town with plenty of camping, passable toilets and running showers. The clubhouse is warm and comfortable with the canteen which was recently given a full renovation. The club has recently had a full committee change and now being run by enthusiastic members with some new ideas and wonderful dreams.

By the time it got dark on Friday night there was about 50 camps set up, and no one was camped on top of one another. After I had setup it was time to catch up with a number of friends over a couple of cold drinks and BBQ Sang provided by the host club. Most of the camper’s complete registration Friday night and by the time of bow check Saturday morning there was 134 shooters.

The club president gave a great welcome speech, went through of the new rules and then it was time to get the groups out on the ranges. They currently have two brand new ranges, the white range is all walk backs in and out-ward shooting circle, the range was fairly open and had a couple of interesting shoots. The most memorable was the group 4, we shot from inside a dry creek which meant we were at shooting at what felt ground level. After lunch off to the Yellow range, it is a herring bone setup in scrub country, the ground although flat had plenty of uneven ground to make distance judging less than simple.  There was a challenging section of the range where you shot group 5, group 5, group 1 and then a group 5. This either made for a good or bad round in just 4 targets. After the days shooting there was a 3D novelty event and knife and axe. The scores were posted and dinner served roast version roast beef veg followed by dessert (remind you of somewhere else).  After dinner the fire pit was lit and most people gathered for a drink, a discussion about everything – no topic got missed and most had little to do with archery, these nights are a great way to too meet like-minded people, you never know you may even get invited on a hunt.

Sundays start a bit earlier and follow pretty much the same format for shooting as the day before, the only difference you shoot the other range first for your 3 arrow round. To make it interesting the club members had moved a number of pegs as such it was different ranges. The shooting was all finished by 2.00pm. Before Presentation the raffle was drawn always a couple of laughs and most people were out of the club by 3.30pm. All in all many thanks most go to Ballarat for such a well-run event.



The next ABA 2 day is at Mount Clay – hope to see a number of you there.