About Us

LILYDALE BOWMEN INC. is a field archery club situated in the “Doongalla Estate Reserve” at the foothills of Mount Dandenong in the basin area, off Pavitt lane: Melways map reference 66 A5

As opposed to target archery using flat open turf, field archery is shot in the bush, which can range from open scrub land to quite steep terrain. LILYDALE BOWMEN utilizes approximately 20 acres of gently sloping “State Forest” leased from the shire of Yarra Ranges.
The clubhouse is surrounded by pleasant grassed parkland, used for parking and visitor camping, while the lower sections of the property the Dandenong creek flows through picturesque fern stands. The three 20 target field courses which wind their way around the grounds are set up for multipurpose use for the various games, ABA, IFAA and 3D. A field archery round has many similarities with a golf round, though the target lanes are shorter then fairways.
LILYDALE BOWMEN INC. was formed in 1977 and is now one of the largest and fastest growing field archery clubs in the country, having a membership of around 200, with ages ranging from 10 to 70, both male and female.

The Club is affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association, ABA the national body which governs our sport and operates through a network of branches throughout Australia. As well as setting the rules and regulations , ABA provides members and clubs with public liability insurance. Members also receive a copy of ABA’s bi-monthly magazine, Archery Action. A hunting program is also available for members interested in this aspect of the sport
The monthly ABA shoot is held on the first Sunday of the month and an IFAA shoot on the fourth Sunday of each alternate month, registrations by 9.30am of the day of the shoot, 3D shoots are also held through the year, while the club utilizes the indoor range on Wednesday evenings and nights for target archery. Another exciting aspect of the sport is the weekends away at interclub tournaments held at clubs around Victoria. State and National titles are also part of the action.

The resurgence in archery has come about not only due to the appeal Field Archery offers, but more significantly due to the invention of the compound bow in the mid 60’s. Although these bows are much easier to draw and use, they are notably faster than the conventional Recurve Bow. As a great physical strength is not required most people can use them with considerable success. So, a major plus for field archery is that whole families can participate and grow together in one common sport. As an individual recreation activity, it is the Sport of a lifetime. Another appeal is the wide range of equipment available, allowing one to participate with inexpensive gear right through to the most sophisticated high technology equipment. With a division for each bow style and a comprehensive grading system, everyone can enjoy the sport at a competitive level. While the attraction of a few hours escape from our hectic lifestyles to the tranquility of the Australian bush is an attraction for many.

Throughout the year the club operates INTRODUCTORY COURSES, allowing people interested in taking up archery, to experience the sport first hand before committing themselves to joining the club, The other Important aspects of the course are instructions in the safety and etiquette of archery. You do not need your own bow for these courses; being such a diverse sport, it would be prudent to hold off in purchasing equipment until you become more aware of the various options available. Once you become a member of the club and ABA you can gain access to the club grounds and practice with your equipment, any day of the week


If you are interested in joining the club please take a look at our becoming a member page.