ABA Paper

Lilydale Bowmen Inc have an A.B.A. Shoot on the first Sunday of every month.
Come and join us for a fun & social day of shooting BOWS & ARROWS.
Every shoot consists of two rounds the first round is three arrows the second round is one arrow.
Each round has twenty targets either in Black and White or Color.
Each target has three score zones Center circle = 20 outer ring =18 body line = 16

There are three different colored shooting pegs.
Yellow- Cubs up to 13 years
Green – Juniors 13 to 17 yrs
Red – Adults 17 onwards.

Targets consist of five groups With different unmarked distances which are;
Group 1. 5.6 m to 8.4 m
Group 2. 12m to 18m
Group 3. 16m to 24m
Group 4. 24m to 36m
Group 5. 32m to 48m.

Three courses are available to shoot A.B.A at the club grounds Blue Red & Yellow. The course for that day will be decided by the club A.B.A. Rep and usually set up the day before.


The A.B.A. Disciplines are an inter-club and National Competitions and have many shooting divisions which can be competed against all over the country.
We currently have the national champion at our club.